Nicole Kidman

It has been raining for the past few days, but thank God not non-stop; otherwise, I’ll have to subscribe to Ark-Ur-Us. Anyone know where I can get some gopher wood? 🙂 Sometimes we make big deals out of small problems.

Look who has walk in.

Nicole Kidman. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) You once said, ‘I think it’s important that we don’t have to hold our heads high all the time saying everything’s fine.’ Do you think sometimes that celebrities give off false perceptions that everything’s fine, I guess wanting to live up to what their fans or the public perceive stardom to be?

2) Is it a “crime” to be single in the entertainment industry? By single I mean not dating or seeing anyone, not in love. But on the other hand, do you think that it’s a must to have “that someone” there?

3) Any plans to do an action movie, a gun toting woman with a serious attitude? Are there any roles that you’ll not take?

4) How do you bridge the gap between the rights of woman in first world countries to that of developing countries? What do you think about sovereignty?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

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Readers, Wentworth Miller, Steven Gerrard, Osama bin Laden, Madonna,

John Mayer, Hu Jinato,  Bono, Angelina Jolie,

Robert Mugabe, Denzel Washington, Wang Leehom, Keanu Reeves,

Michael Vick, Oprah Winfrey, Josh Groban,  Jin Akanishi,

Fidel Castro, Jon Foreman, Margaret Atwood, and Nicole Kidman.

Wave goodbye.  Now, how about another cup of tea? 🙂

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Margaret Atwood

Hey there, long time no see. Maybe that’s what I’ll be saying to my sweaters/coats if winter decides to book a ticket here. Now if summer would only take a vacation. *shoo, shoo*  🙂

Look who has walk in.

Margaret Atwood. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) Your short story, Rape Fantasies, even though funny, captures the seriousness of a hideous act, was that your aim? Do you think some writers risk not doing it right, being funny with a serious topic and then falling flat and being label as cold and heartless?

2) Are the days of being an activist only on paper gone; every writer must be able to speak verbally and not say let the book or literary piece speak for itself?

3) Should writers’ characteristics be a part of their fictional characters? Is it something that can’t be helped? Instead of writing about “someone else”, they’re writing about themselves, of who they hope or want to be even though they deny that it’s them?

4) “The whole duty of a writer is to please and satisfy himself, and the true writer always plays to an audience of one.” William Strunk Jr and E.B. White from The Elements of Style. Was and is that always the case? How much input should publishers have, if any?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

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Jon Foreman

I was cleaning up and realized that I sure do have a lot of paper stuff. Notes, mementos, old calendars, stuff from 1492, the year I was born. Just kidding. 🙂 It’s time to get rid of the unnecessary things. Ah life, we keep sometimes what we should let go. Here’s a I’m lost note from Christopher Columbus. If only he had GPS. 🙂

Look who has walk in.

Jon Foreman. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) There’s a line in your song, The Cure For The Pain, “We’re either riders or fools behind the reins,” is it that there are too many and have been too many riding fools behind the reins and that’s the reason for some of these “disasters” we face? Do you think that some tolerate the ride thus making it difficult to take the reins?

2) When it comes to diplomacy, are there too many or too little compromises? Do you think that countries have to be nag into helping, speaking up and speaking out?

3) Is music a way in trying to put some sort of understanding of the mess of life? Your inspiration comes from your faith in God, what you’ve experienced, seen and heard?

4) 2010, race relation in America, better, worse, or same? Do you think the message of demanding/wanting equality got twisted, motives perhaps changed? Is it the same Martin Luther King’s dream?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

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Fidel Castro

Friday the please-don’t-bother-me attitude went up; it didn’t last long. Saturday night my neighbor was practicing the trumpet. The song sounded familiar, but through the screeches, I couldn’t figure it out. I enjoyed it though and went to sleep to it. Sunday I did my best slow motion mysterious persona to Rob Dougan’s Clubbed to Death, Kurayamino Mix. Yeah, what a weekend. 🙂

Look who has walk in.

Fidel Castro. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) You see dissidents as a threat; do you fear that they’re making sense, that they know what’s better for the country than you do?

2) Is it safe to say that your reality is stuck in the past, not the future? You were and still are in some quarters regarded as a revolutionary hero, for that moment and that time, do you think that the present time calls for a new revolution, a new form of thinking?

3) You’ve considered America the enemy for a long time, are the reasons based on rational or irrational thinking?

4) Has Cuba advance since you took control, or, how far has Cuba advance since you took control? Are there things that you wished had happened by now and still want to see happen?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

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Jin Akanishi

So you’re in the shop for other things and you end up seeing a sign advertising sweet oranges on sale. You buy some and take them home. After peeling one, you bite into it, then squinting and smacking, you wonder how did they come up with their definition of sweet?  🙂

Look who has walk in.

Jin Akanishi. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) You’re now a solo artist, and your major interest lies in making it big in America, why? Do you consider it the mecca for musicians? Is there a plan B if you fail?

2) You have an aversion for paparazzi, do you sometimes feel insulated because of them?

3) Your music is going to be different from KAT-TUN, from other artists from Johnny’s Entertainment, is this on purpose? Will you go to any of your former group’s concerts?

4) Was this always your dream, and what was the reason(s) behind it?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

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God willing, see you guys on Monday, but until then:-

“My greatest concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure.”

Abraham Lincoln

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Josh Groban

😥 They’re my team no matter what. They’re in a slump, but You’ll Never Walk Alone right? Maybe I can watch my recorded 2005 UEFA Championship League Final and see the glory days of Liverpool FC. If I pinch myself I’ll know that right now is just a nightmare. *pinch* No, no nightmare. 😆 Life’s not always a slump, remember that.

Look who has walk in.

Josh Groban. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) The marriages between different genres of music have been going on for awhile, is it a good thing? Should there be new categories created at award shows for such music?

2) You want to act, would you take on a role that’s not the Josh that the public sees, that they’ve come to know?

3) Is there a rock album in you, or is that strecthing it?

4) Do you use music to autobiographicize yourself? Is that a good way for musicians to do so, and do they leave themselves open to criticisms and conjectures?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

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Oprah Winfrey

So last evening while on my bed and not quite asleep, we experienced some Christmas like weather. Cool night breeze, strong winds, and some rain. I thought about getting up and making some homemade egg nog and playing some Christmas music, but then I realized that I was doing these things since July. 🙂

Look who has walk in.

Oprah Winfrey. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) Would you describe your show as redemptive for certain people, including celebrities, who have screwed up and are seeking some form of forgiveness from the public? Do you advocate responsibility?

2) Is there anyone dead that you had wished that you interviewed or alive that you want to interview but haven’t? Are there any questions that you wanted to ask your guests but for whatever reason, didn’t/couldn’t?

3) Would you consider acting in another movie?

4) Are there some people, even if they ask or make requests, that you’ll never allow on your show?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

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