Shia LaBeouf

I said I wanted to wake up early to catch the sunrise. Then why did I turn over in bed with the sun rays seeping through my blinds? I’ll try the sunset. 🙂

Look who has walk in.

Shia LaBeouf. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) Do you think that child actors, now grown-ups, try too hard to shed those innocent images of when they were younger? How far is too far when it comes to that shedding?

2) Does contentment equals satisfaction but not happiness? With all the financial woes now taking place, has the level of greed surpass that of the first Wall Street movie?

3) Do you think a person’s past molds their future? Does a person choose how they’ll react because ultimately the choice is theirs?

4) Will the Los Angeles Clippers go all the way this year, or is it really too early to tell?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

Today’s Give Me Five sidebar, 5 quotes on love

So until next time, ave atque vale


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