M. Night Shyamalan

So cold weather showed up the other day. It wasn’t brrr, but more like br. I guess it wasn’t cold weather afterall, but its half brother cool weather. 🙂

Look who has walk in.

M. Night Shyamalan. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) If you only had one Alfred Hitchcock movie that you could remake, what would it be? Have you seen anyone whose body of work is like his?

2) You hear people say sometimes that they’re their worst critics, do you think that sometimes unfair criticisms from others can lead them to over analyze their work and unduly judge their work?

3) After Sixth Sense, do you think you lost your connection with a portion of the audience that enjoyed that movie?

4) Any plans to make a movie in India? What do you think about Bollywood?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

Today’s Give Me Five sidebar, 5 songs by Savage Garden

So until next time, ave atque vale


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