So yesterday in order to relieve my frustration, I belly danced to track 3 of Sacred Spirit, Chants and Dances of the Native Americans CD. And let me say that it was a blast. 🙂

Look who has walk in.

Bono. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) My favorite song by U2 is One, do you believe that with all the schisms that we have, can there ever be unity? What causes these divisions?

2) Do you think that because of the different meanings of peace and the way to achieve it, it has become just another feel good word, a word use with mischievous motives?

3) Do you think that African leaders have been treated with a soft stick and maybe because of that, African nations have been doing poorly in certain areas of their countries? Have they become too dependable on outside help?

4) The song, Crumbs From Your Table, do you believe that we speak and see too much, but act too little?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

Today’s sidebar Give Me Five, 5 most expensive paintings.

So until next time, ave atque vale


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