Steven Gerrard

As fatigue was having an argument with my body, I enjoyed a cup of tea, a slice of bread I made, and listened to our local classical music station. The day before, I had asked someone if they wanted a cup of tea, and the person exclaimed, “Do you know how hot out there is?” Well the tea was great. 🙂

Look who has walk in.

Steven Gerrard. So let’s begin. 🙂

1) As captain of both England’s football team and the local club, Liverpool FC, how do you stay motivated, and in turn, motivate the other players?

2) Is there a difference in the pride you feel when playing for country versus club?

3) I’m a Liverpool fan, have been for years, have the off field distractions played a role in the team’s dismal performance?

4) That R word, retirement, do you think about it, or, is it something not on your mind?

5) If the world had a soundtrack, what would be some of its songs?

Thank you.

Today’s Sidebar Give Me Five, My top five Jane Austen’s novels.

So until next time, ave atque vale


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